The Thanksgiving Top Ten Lists for Exceptional Delaware!

Top Ten Lists

Happy Thanksgiving to all my awesome readers.  I wanted to thank you for making this blog happen!  I appreciate all the comments, whether on here or through Facebook, Twitter, and email.  It has been my pleasure to inform citizens of Delaware and help out where I am able to.  I’ve learned a lot these past 5 1/2 months, more than I ever bargained for.

I wrote an article a few days ago on Arne Duncan’s new regulations regarding special education.  This has become my most-read article to date.  I never thought anything would topple my son’s common core homework back in September, but when you tick off special needs parents, expect a backlash Mr. Arne Duncan!

Top Ten Most Viewed Articles:
1) US DOE & Arne Duncan Drop The Mother Of All Bombs On States Special Education Rights
2) My Special Needs Son’s First Day Of Common Core Division & This Is His Homework
3) Delaware Race To The Top, Hedge Funds, & Millions Wasted: The Story of Rodel, Markell, Charters & The Vision Network
4) DOE & Arne Duncan Accused Of Breaking The Law With IDEA & Special Education by GOP Senate
5) DOOM Comes To Schools In Delaware! Parents, Go To School Board Meetings & Do This…
6) Now Providence Creek (Charter School) Is In Hot Water With Parents! No Love From The DE Charter School Network For Kent County Charters?
7) Special Education In America: Where Is It Going? Spread This Link All Over! Reblog!
8) Rodel’s CEO Dr. Herdman Sent An Email Re: Rodel Article, My Response & Challenge
9) Providence Creek Academy’s Hot Mess! This Is Why Transparency Is Needed From DE Charters!
10) “Our Children Are More Than Test Scores”, My Letter To The Editor In Delaware State News Today

Top Ten Countries Reading:
1) USA
2) Canada
3) United Kingdom
4) Australia
5) Germany
6) Netherlands
7) Norway
8) Ireland
9) France
10) South Africa

Top Ten Referrers to Exceptional Delaware:
1) Facebook
2) Google
3) Kilroy’s Delaware
4) Twitter
5) Children & Educators First
6) Kavips
7) WordPress Reader
8) Delaware Way
9) Parents Of Christina
10) Teachezwell

Top Ten Individuals Who Wish I Never Started This Blog
1) Dr. Paul Herdman
2) Governor Markell
3) DE Secretary Of Education Mark Murphy
4) US Secretary Of Education Arne Duncan
5) Chuck Taylor
6) Mary Ann Mieczkowski
7) Alison May
8) Brian Touchette
9) Penny Schwinn
10) Kendall Massett

Top Ten Concerns Going Into 2015
1) Special Education in Delaware
2) Smarter Balanced Assessment & Parent Opt Out
3) Priority Schools
4) Gateway Lab School
5) Relay Graduate School Invasion
6) Teacher’s Compensation
7) Disability Bullying
8) DOE Manipulation of Data
9) Rodel’s Influence on DOE
10) Common Core Standards

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