Now Providence Creek Academy (Charter School) is in Hot Water With Parents! No Love From DE Charter School Network for Kent County Charters?

Delaware Charter Schools

Correction, 11/5/14, 9:07am, the terminated employee was not a computer teacher, but the IT Tech person.  Sorry for any confusion!

This is what they call a hat trick!  Last month I wrote about Academy of Dover, this morning I wrote about Campus Community, and now the third: Providence Creek Academy.  This one is kind of crazy, so bear with me!

The custodian at the school got fired, for of all things, having a BB or pellet gun on the premises.  That and his bad aim!  The guy had a love for shooting cats!  And other things according to this Twitter post:

But even more bizarre was the IT Tech person got canned for inappropriate use of the internet.  When he was fired, he made quite the scene and even threatened staff members during his exit!  This culminated in the police showing up at the school last Friday, during the students’ Halloween parade!  Maybe they thought it was part of the holiday fright fest, but no, this really happened.  But nothing like this ever happens at charter schools, right?

Where this story gets even more strange is how the principal was involved.  The IT Tech guy is the principal’s son, and the custodian is distantly related to the principal.  What’s that phrase I’m looking for… oh yeah, nepotism!

As a result, their school Board called an emergency meeting, and parents tried to crash it.  The Board tried to get the parents to leave, but the parents wanted to know what the hell was going on with the craziness, and the fact that threats were made by an employee.  The Board President denied any threats were issued by the teacher, but another board member confirmed it.  The Board President was not happy about the other member owning up to the reality of the situation.

As a result, there is a parents forum tonight at 7pm at Providence Creek.  Here’s the link to their Facebook page:

Gotta love these Kent County charters!  Isn’t the DE Charter School Network supposed to put band aids on all the charters and make everything better?  Kendall, I know you have your “priority” right now, but you might want to give some love to the charters south of the canal!

Updated 11/5/14, 9:09am: The DE Charter School Network did send in Chuck Taylor, former Head of School at PCA to help “fix” the problems.


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