Capital School Board To Vote For Parent Opt-Out of Standardized Testing Wednesday, October 15th @KilroysDelaware @ed_in_de @dwablog @Delawareonline @TNJ_malbright @Doverpost @TheStateNews @CapeGazette @wboc @WDEL #netde #eduDE #edchat

The Capital School District Board of Education will vote on parent opt-out from standardized testing, including the Smarter Balanced Assessment, at their monthly board meeting on Wednesday, October 15th, in Dover, DE.

After executive session ends, the board will go through the motions on their agenda.  One of them is to discuss and act upon the resolution.  Capital discussed this action last Spring, but it never came to a vote.  This has been brought up in the last couple meetings and will now be voted on by the board through Resolution #15-041.

If Capital does pass this resolution with a majority of yes votes, it would be the first school district in Delaware to pass this kind of measure.  For parents who might be undecided on this type of idea, Capital School District is lighting a path for others to follow.

On a side note, I was very happy to see on the agenda Resolution #15-039, which is a letter of support for Red Clay Consolidated and Christina school districts, which I would have to guess would be in support for them during the priority school agenda.

All Capital School District parents should attend and speak in public comment at this board meeting.  It will be one for the ages!  More information can be found on their agenda at:$file/Announcement%2C%20Executive%20Agenda%20and%20Open%20Session%20Agenda%20for%20Board%20of%20Education%20Meeting%20101514.pdf

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