Updated: Academy of Dover Principal Noel Rodriguez “Resigned” @KilroysDelaware @ed_in_de #netde #eduDE

Update, 10/9/14: I spoke with the acting principal, Cheri Marshall, yesterday and she informed me that Noel Rodriguez resigned.  No other official response was given by Marshall.  There is innuendo and allegations around the internet, but nothing official has come out at this time from Academy of Dover or the Delaware Department of Education in regards to these rumors.  Marshall served as the assistant principal prior to Rodriguez’ departure.

A few weeks ago, staff at Academy of Dover were summoned to an emergency meeting and were told Principal Noel Rodriguez was gone.  The assistant principal, Cheri Marshall, is the acting principal.  Nobody knows the details, but apparently Noel Rodriguez has been fired from his position as Principal of Academy of Dover.  Rodriguez has been plagued with controversy during his tenure at the Dover charter school.  Issues with transparency, financial issues, teacher turnaround, special education and a school that Rodriguez ruled like a dictator.  Nobody is talking about him, and it is like he never existed at the school.

In an earlier article today, it was announced Academy of Dover had received the Blue Ribbon award from the US DOE for their achievement in closing proficiency gaps, but when you look at the data on their proficiency, it is obvious there have been a huge amount of issues with the scores at Academy of Dover.  Could this have had something to do with Rodriguez’ ouster?  Last week ALL the Delaware charters were called to a non-public, secretive emergency meeting.  Could Academy of Dover’s proficiency scores been a topic?  Kilroy reported the US DOE was not happy about something with the Delaware charters in regards to their academic framework.  Nobody is talking yet, but if and when the news comes out, it will be just another example of a Delaware charter school leader thinking they can do what they want.

1 thought on “Updated: Academy of Dover Principal Noel Rodriguez “Resigned” @KilroysDelaware @ed_in_de #netde #eduDE

  1. Considering they have the “protection” from this administration to do what ever they want… But since no one is talking, that in itself means it is very likely that Cheri Marshall was to blame for the indescretion, but was able to divert attention to Noel, and slide into her current position when the posse came and took him away…..


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