Less Than 36 Hours Parents of the Special Needs Kids at the Priority Schools, Request an IEP Meeting!!! @KilroysDelaware @ed_in_de @dwablog @nannyfat #netde #eduDE


At midnight tomorrow, the MOUs for the priority schools will be decided on. Chances are the DOE won’t like the answers from the districts. Or maybe they will. Depends on your perspective. But special needs parents, you have to request an IEP meeting by 11:59pm, September 30th, tomorrow! Your child’s future may depend on it. I know this sounds dramatic, but there is a reason for this which I will share on October 1st. Besides, there will be so many changes at these schools either way, you will want to make sure your child’s IEP reflects these changes.

Whatever happens, there will be huge ramifications for all involved. Whoever does sign the MOU will find they may regret it later in terms of saving face. Make a difference! Let your voice be heard. It’s not too late!!!!!

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