It was 10 years ago today when we were introduced to LOST

Non-Special Needs But Still Awesome!

I can’t believe it’s been ten years since my favorite show of all time first premiered. I remember it vividly, cause it was my wife’s birthday, and no husband can ever forget that day. Unless you want to get banished to an island for real! It all started with the Party of Five guy waking up in a field of bamboo. And a dog named Vincent. Almost six years later, it ended with the same thing. But the journey was amazing, and kept me glued to the TV every time it was on. As well as the internet, going to forums trying to figure out what the hell was going on with The Island, The Others and The Dharma Initiative.

LOST changed television as we know it. Once LOST premiered to amazing ratings, everyone and their mother was pitching new and different stuff to the networks. This has nothing to do with special education, but in a way it does. It was about a group of people trying to get along, and to make things work in a situation where there was very little hope. They became a family, and we laughed and cried as they went from one adventure to another. We all hated and loved Benjamin Linus at the same time. I still miss LOST, but it did have to end. Plus, there wouldn’t have been any characters left at the rate they were going. Who wants to watch a show about a dog on an island?

Less Than 36 Hours Parents of the Special Needs Kids at the Priority Schools, Request an IEP Meeting!!! @KilroysDelaware @ed_in_de @dwablog @nannyfat #netde #eduDE


At midnight tomorrow, the MOUs for the priority schools will be decided on. Chances are the DOE won’t like the answers from the districts. Or maybe they will. Depends on your perspective. But special needs parents, you have to request an IEP meeting by 11:59pm, September 30th, tomorrow! Your child’s future may depend on it. I know this sounds dramatic, but there is a reason for this which I will share on October 1st. Besides, there will be so many changes at these schools either way, you will want to make sure your child’s IEP reflects these changes.

Whatever happens, there will be huge ramifications for all involved. Whoever does sign the MOU will find they may regret it later in terms of saving face. Make a difference! Let your voice be heard. It’s not too late!!!!!