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If you had any doubt about Secretary of Education Mark Murphy, this is something you need to listen to. The man is so full of himself, it must take an enormous amount of effort for him to let anyone else in the room. This recording shows what a liar he is.

A Portrait Of How Evil Runs Our Inner City Charter Schools


Parents of the special needs children in the Delaware priority schools, the clock is ticking. 48 hours. Request an IEP meeting for your child.


Inner City charter schools have a very clear philosophy about what they’re trying to do, how they’re trying to do it, what they think is necessary, who they read, who their leaders are. And they’re explicit in describing it. The combination of the uniformity across all inner city schools and their explicitness about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it makes it easier to get hold of this movement than it is with say, public schools in a city or a school district where there’s so much variety and there isn’t a single philosophy.

Here is what goes on inside inner city charter schools.  This is what KIPP does when it takes over the six Wilmington schools. From their own handbooks, here is what to expect…..

These schools start with one belief: that there’s no reason for the large academic gaps that exist between poor minority students and more privileged children. They…

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