Exceptional Delaware’s New Look

Non-Special Needs But Still Awesome!

Welcome to the new Exceptional Delaware!  I’ve been wanting to change things up for a while now, so here you have it.  I liked the old design, but I was limited with what I could do with it.  Special thanks to Kilroy for some advice on how to do some things!

The links are now at the top for easier access to parents.  My subtitle has changed because this has become the heart of this blog.  The problems in special education are mounting in this state, and across the country.  What was once unique is becoming dismantled on a national scale.  This is not a unique Delaware problem.

I’ve updated the blogs I follow into four sections: Delaware, Education, Disabilities, and Other Awesome Blogs.

Delaware will focus on happenings in education and government in these bizarre times.  All the Delaware favorites are here, and there is a lot going on in the 1st State!  From primaries, to education, and to a cultural change in the way many of us are thinking about what goes on here.  People are getting fed up with the way things are run here, and more and more of us aren’t drinking the kool-aid!

Education will cover all things education reform as well as special education.  If you want to find out the truths and hidden agendas behind Common Core, this is the place to go!  Educators all over the country are finding out what really lies behind the lies and innuendos that are being sold to our schools.  As well, links to special education will be included in this section.  There are some great special education teachers out there, and some of them have created awesome blogs to show what they do best!

Disabilities is for different types of special needs and how families cope with children (or adults) who have them.  To me, this is the true heart of special needs, and what happens at home and school can have a tremendous effect on the family.  You will find posts that will shock you, and others that give you that extra bit of hope when you don’t think it exists.

Other Awesome Blogs are off the beaten path of this blog, but I still like them and they are worth checking out!  I will be adding more to this section as time goes on.

I hope you like the new look and it is more user-friendly for you!  The best (or worst depending on your perspective) is yet to come…

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