Poll: Should School Boards Digitally Record Their Meetings? #netde #eduDE @KilroysDelaware @ed_in_de


A hot topic of late has been if school boards should digitally record their board meetings.  In Delaware, the Board Of Education, as well as several school districts, including Christina, Red Clay and Capital record their meetings and put them on their websites.  None of the charter schools do.  This is under the caveat that the executive sessions where individual private matters of discipline or legal matters are not recorded, which is the norm for those that do this already.

Proponents say it is a matter of transparency and the public has a right to know since most minutes are not an accurate assessment of what really goes on in board meetings, while opponents say it is a waste and that nobody will ever listen to them.  What do you think?  I want this to be impartial, and to avoid people going with the flow, I’m not showing the results until a week from now.  You will not be able to vote more than once!