DELAWARE SPECIAL NEEDS PARENTS: IEP TASK FORCE NEEDS YOU!!! Diane Eastburn wants to hear what is needed to change IEP process in Delaware! #netde #eduDE @KilroysDelaware @ed_in_de @TNJ_malbright

IEP Task Force

Diane Eastburn is the Kent County parent representative for the IEP Task Force, meeting for the first time this Thursday, September 4th, in Dover and Wilmington. Diane has a message for all special needs parents:

I am committed to doing everything I can to make the process better for Delaware students and parents. If you would like to contact me, I have provided my email address, or another contact for me is my home phone 302-653-4216. I will take calls 9am – 8pm, but since this is a holiday weekend I may be in and out – but I have an answering machine and would be happy to return any calls I may miss. Again, my goal is to make the IEP process better for everyone. Thank you again for your comments and feel free to share your thoughts. If people would like they may email thoughts and leave a phone number or email address so I may get back with them.

Please post this on your blog – the larger variety of people I hear from the larger voice I can help represent. This is all about fixing the process for our children and our parents. We need to remove the adversarial sides and make this a true team effort. IEP Team should be just that – a team, not a district against a parent. I also believe that we need accountability in the process.

This was exactly what I was looking for when I emailed every single House Representative and Senator in Delaware the evening they came out with Senate Concurring Resolution 63. I wanted outside parents on this task force, ones not involved in other groups. Diane Eastburn is just that, a regular parent, who has been through this process before, and helps others who have been in the same boat. I am confident Diane will be an awesome advocate for all our special needs children, so please try to contact her before Thursday. I am expecting heavy parent turnout at both locations, so public comment may be limited. If you can’t show up, please contact Diane and let her know what you feel is wrong in the process. If you have had IEPs denied, let her know that, and the reasons why it was denied. The only way we can change things is if we speak with one voice, and right now Diane has the microphone! All Delaware bloggers, please reblog this so we can get the widest audience possible!

Top Ten Countries Reading Exceptional Delaware


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#1: United States

#2: Canada

#3: United Kingdom

#4: France

#5: Sweden

#6: Germany

#7: Romania

#8: Thailand

#9: Ukraine

#10: Paraguay

Some new countries enter the top 10 since I last did this a few weeks ago.¬† I still can’t get over some of the countries reading ye olde blog, but hey, I’ll take readers from any country!

Delaware DOE publishes Moyer charter school’s death-warrant re: closure!


Another DE charter school, partially done in by lack of services for special ed services. When are these knuckleheads going to learn?