**UPDATED**Delaware, Meet Your IEP Task Force #netde #eduDE @KilroysDelaware @ed_in_de

IEP Task Force

UPDATED 8/29/14: We do have a Kent Country Representative!  Congrats to Diane Eastburn.  Diane has extensive background on IEPs as a special needs parent, caregiver, and an advocate for parents.  Diane is an excellent choice to represent Kent!

Thanks to the individual who sent me this list, but I did notice there is no Kent County parent rep.  As per Michele Rush at the DOE this person has not been finalized.

Members of the IEP Improvement Task Force
The Hon. Matthew Denn – Chair
Dr. Pam Atchison – Delaware Association of School Administrators
Marissa L. Band, Esq. – Delaware State Bar Association
Tracy Bombara – School service provider
Dafne Carnright – Governor’s Advisory Council on Exceptional Citizens
Tricia Dallas – Special education teacher
Bill Doolittle – Governor’s Advisory Council on Exceptional Citizens

Diane Eastburn-Kent County Representative
Rep. Debra Heffernan – House Majority Caucus
Mike Hoffmann – Delaware State Education Association
Seth Kopp – Special education teacher
Ruth Lavelle – New Castle County parent representative
Sen. Dave Lawson – Senate Minority Caucus
Laura Manges – Delaware Association of School Administrators
Maryann Mieczkowski – Department of Education
Rep. Joe Miro – House Minority Caucus
Sen. Nicole Poore – Senate Majority Caucus
Shawn Rowe – Developmental Disabilities Council
Howard Shiber – Governor’s Advisory Council on Exceptional Citizens
Meedra Surratte – Parent advocate
Jossette Threats – School service provider
Liz Toney – Delaware PTA
Karen Wagamon – Sussex County parent representative

And the Agenda for the first meeting:

IEP Improvement Task Force Agenda

September 4, 2014

1. Introductions

2. Expectations of task force

3. Identify problems in the existing IEP process

4. Subcommittees

5. Next meeting

6. Public Comment

Nothing was said about the location yet, but the rumor mill has shared that the Dover location may be the Collette Building.  I will certainly let all of you know once I hear something official.



5 thoughts on “**UPDATED**Delaware, Meet Your IEP Task Force #netde #eduDE @KilroysDelaware @ed_in_de

  1. Seems appropriate that one of the members would be aptly pronounced: Do Little.

    And that the spouse of Judus, the one who forced the Smarter Balanced Assessment upon all of Delaware’s children, is there too?

    And the spouse of the head of the Rodel SS, is on as well?

    And we will no doubt hear multiple Threats? We may need Kopps and a Lawson, in case there is a Rowe.

    But heck. They might just go off into the Denn and listen to the Band.

    Does this bode well?


  2. Kavips, usually you and I see eye to eye on things, but in this case I know for a fact several of the individuals you mentioned have children with special needs, who have gone through very similar circumstances in terms of IEPs. Based on what I have heard, I truly believe this is not a political matter, but one that could potentially change the special education world in our state. I have heard a lot of potshots against Ruth Lavelle, but at the end of the day, when we return home and spend time with our special needs children, we are all the same.


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