This Isn’t My First Blog! #netde

Non-Special Needs But Still Awesome!

Back in the latter days of 2008, I created my first blog.  It was called “Tales From Another Time”.  Telling stories about my past, it was a introspective and fun little experiment.  My goal was to write everyday, which failed miserably after a couple weeks.  This blog has almost accomplished that.  Something new has been posted almost every day in the past 78 days.  I think I have missed two days, but to be honest, some other days have been reblogs of other bloggers.  I think anyone with what I call “writers blood” in them feels the need to write as much as possible.

The stories written on Tales From Another Time were my perspective on the past from a present reality.  Many key events in my life have occurred since, including my journey into special education, becoming a special needs father, and the death of my mother.  All three of those events have shaped me into the person I am today.  But I do miss free writing like I did on my earlier blog, so you may see me venture into those areas on Exceptional Delaware at times!

If you would like to see my early ramblings, check them out at:

Update on the PCG & DOE Story

Delaware Special Education

An update would usually indicate some type of new information, of which there is none.  I have done a considerable amount of searching on what the relationship between these two entities is, and have come up with nothing.  Nothing that justifies over $400,000 being spent.  But sometimes no information is information.  It tells me there is something there.  I have not had any response from the Board of Education at the Delaware DOE, Mary Ann Mieczkowski, or Governor Markell’s office. 

Some have had their doubts about my claims that the DOE is providing IEP information to PCG, or that the reasons for it are harmless.  But the more I have researched PCG, the more I find of instance where they are a corporate entity meddling in education far too much.  They own their technology and many state education agencies utilize it.  How secure is that information?  How much access does PCG have to it?  What happens then if PCG gets hacked and all that information is out there?  Why aren’t parents told what the relationship between PCG and the DOE is?  Why is there no contract between the DOE and PCG?  These are questions that need to be answered for myself and other parents to be satisfied.

I do realize my headline from a few days ago included “What company is buying special education data” was misleading.  If my theories are correct, they aren’t buying the data.  They are being paid to store it and many entities, including the Delaware DOE are giving that information.