CCSS, Ferguson, murder, and undeserving children


I couldn’t agree more with Ken on this. He hit the nail on the head with this. Common Core does nothing but put profits in people’s pockets. We need to stop this shameful abuse of ALL students. I have no doubt that in a hundred years, people will look at this period of time as an end to the abuses that were inflicted on the parts of society that deserve way more than they are receiving. In my lifetime I have witnessed many changes, but none more profound than the attempt of the wealthy to eliminate the middle class. If the wealthy keep inflicting abuses on those “below” them, society will rise up and take back what is theirs. It has happened time and time again in history, and it WILL happen again. The best way to end these abuses is to get rid of CCSS and high-stakes testing and have the wealthy be not so wealthy so the money is fairly allocated to all members of society.

Reclaim Reform

What lesson is being taught to all of us by the abusive treatment and slaughter of young, black males in various locations across the nation?

Suburban Ferguson is the latest site of slaughter and police-state overreaction when “order” is disrupted after a police performed murder. Michael Brown is dead; he was murdered.

College ready

By now we must realize that for over a decade corporate education reform has demeaned children who are not college bound for whatever reason. As a matter of fact, even if the child is college bound, he or she may remain within a social profile marked as a failure. Poverty, race, gender, social status and other factors are cited as data for failures.

The failures of No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, and all brands of Common Core State Standards compliant high stakes tests are children.

Children labeled as failures presently seem to others as undeserving…

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