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Abbie Maas is a 9 year old girl in Florida.  Like any child, she wants the love of her parents most of all.  Abbie has never done something that you and I take for granted.  She has never spoken a single word.  Abbie has Autism.  Diagnosed at 2 years old, her parents have been told she is brilliant, as many autistic children are. 

Abbie’s parents went after her school due to a lack of special education services for their daughter.  The parents won, but the school district doesn’t even offer the kind of services that Abbie needs at this point in time.  It is between a private school or the school district would have to provide for a one-on-one paraprofessional.  Abbie needs the best possible accommodations for her disability.  That would be in the private school.

Below is from the parents Facebook page, Big Fight For A Little Girl.  No child should ever be in this position, nor should the parents.  To all of you reading this, please take the time tomorrow morning to call the below phone number to support Abigail Maass.  


Every child has the right to a free and appropriate public education. Unfortunately, some kids slip through the cracks and our Abigail is one of them.
Our daughter is a 9 year old girl with Autism. Her name is Abigail and this page is about our fight for a free and appropriate education for her in Duval County. We have exhausted all means to get her the education she deserves. We filed for due process and went to court. We were the prevailing party and we still don’t have answers as to what the district is doing for her education. School starts in 14 days and we don’t know where she will be attending, who will be her teacher, and whether they have a one on one student focus paraprofessional on staff. The final order was written that she was awarded compensatory education and ABA services. Duval doesn’t offer this curriculum and the cost is astronomical. We can send her to a private school that is well versed in ABA for $46,000 per year vs. hiring an ABA therapist as her one on one for $100,000+ per year. We need your help to get decisions to be made for our daughter’s education. Please “like” and share this page. We need emails and calls to be made on our behalf.

This is as of earlier this evening.  Please call Mrs. Gail Roberts tomorrow with the below information. 

So the buck has been passed yet again. Apparently the decision of Abigail’s future rests on the shoulders of Mrs. Gail Roberts of Duval County’s ESE dept. We would ask that you call and email Mrs. Roberts tomorrow morning. Please be courteous and merely state your support for Abigail and that you would appreciate Mrs. Roberts making a decision based solely on the appropriate educational needs of Abbie. We so very much appreciate all of you.
Phone: 904-348-7800
Abbie represents what is so fundamentally wrong with special education in our country.  No school district, board or state should put parents through this kind of torture.  I have already emailed Mrs. Gail Roberts.  Please take a few minutes to help Abbie out by calling or sending an email.  For more information, please like Abbie’s Facebook page: Big Help For A Little Girl.
Here is a link to a local newspaper article on Abbie’s story:

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