Parents Either Hate Common Core or Love It. Where Most Special Needs Parents Fit. #netde #eduDE

Special Needs Parents

I would say based on feedback through this blog, Facebook, and Twitter, 90% of parents of special needs loathe and despise Common Core. The other 10%, they love it. I have to wonder why they stick up for it like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I debated back and forth with one mother on Facebook last week for a long time about the subject. She claimed that Common Core is so much better than what they had before in California. She is also a public school teacher. When I brought up the matter of the standardized tests, she was for them. But she admitted that her children hated them and found them to be very difficult due to so many essays on the test. And she didn’t like the curriculum being forced to adhere to the way the state wanted it. But she felt the theory behind it was good.

Then there was the father from Maryland, also a public school teacher, who thought it was excellent. He felt it helps the kids to improve and do better. He also said that allegations that resistance to common core is “political motivated fear mongering” and that I was “seeing conspiracies where there are none.” I guess half the population must be crazy and we are all seeing things. His child attends a charter school in Maryland that has revitalized the community around it. Glad one of them can do that.

These were both parents with children with special needs. But like I’ve said, they were by far the minority of how parents feel about this federal intrusion into the rights and laws that were created for our children. This debate will go on for a long time until it’s gone. Hopefully, that will be soon if what I’m hearing is correct. But if not, the debate continues.

2 thoughts on “Parents Either Hate Common Core or Love It. Where Most Special Needs Parents Fit. #netde #eduDE

  1. In rebuttal: When evaluating Common Core, one must gather an inclination from where each person’s views come. As for the person from California, the real question behind her answer, is what was in place in California? California for 30 years has been beset by school starvation put in place by Ronald Reagan as governor. Their schools system curriculum, wasn’t one. In that vacuum to get the structure of common core, would be a god-send. To someone who didn’t know how to teach, finally learning how at this late date might be a positive experience.

    The second example, came from Maryland, and my guess he is a bureaucrat out of DC, and that was based on two things, his enthusiasm not documented by any context, and the fact that his child was in a charter school. Common Core is so new, that this upcoming year is the first almost all charter schools will face it…. They were not on the pilots. They may have had something that had common core in its name, bought from some vendor, but it is not common core unless it goes up against the SBA or PAARC tests. The tests, ARE Common Core… ITTS It’s the test, stupid.

    Please check back in a year after their child’s results are in, and see if they are still enthused? If so, I would guess somehow their financial future was tied to Common Core’s implementation.


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