Jon’s Loving Father has left the building!

The Future

Cause Jon isn’t his real name. It’s Jacob. And my name is Kevin Ohlandt. Exceptional Delaware is no longer anonymous. Let’s face it, half the state knows who I am already. The DOE, the schools and many politicians in this state know. So no more pretense, I am who I am and that’s all that I am!

I still have many articles left to write. Special education is a wide topic that can include a wide variety of topics. The skies the limit! But what I am proudest of with this blog is that I have been able to help parents who were unable to wander through the maze that is American special education. This is the central, guiding light of this blog.

Grandma’s Spaghetti Sauce and Meatballs

Non-Special Needs But Still Awesome!

A friend’s son created this blog! Please check it out, but not on an empty stomach.

Wilson's Food Blog

Hello! This blog post is about my grandma’s spaghetti sauce and meatballs.

First off, they are delicious. What I love about the meatballs is that they pull apart very easily. They taste phenomenal with my Grandma’s homemade tomato sauce. The tomato sauce is the perfect mixture of the tiny bit of sweetness of the tomato with garlic and cheese, with the smoothness that makes it perfect.

When I go to grandma’s house, and I hear we are having spaghetti and meatballs, I get really exited! Three words on those days are my favorite words of the day. Do you know what those words are? “Time For Lunch.”

If you like what you hear, then the recipes may come in my next blog. Well, that’s it for this blog post. Till next time!




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What 4 Districts in DE needed Special Ed intervention or Compliance? How did Charters get out of this? #netde #eduDE #edchat

Delaware Special Education

During the June 2014 Delaware Board of Education meeting, Mary Ann Mieczkowski told the board four school districts in Delaware were being worked with in regards to special education compliance agreements or needed intervention. It was not mentioned during the meetings which districts those were, but I reached out to Mieczkowski about this and she gave me the districts. They were Red Clay, Colonial, Christina and Capital. All of these school districts have a very high population special education students. What shocked me was NONE of the charters were listed. I wondered why this was?

Charter schools are their own school districts. Is it possible that charter schools won’t fall into an intervention or compliance agreement due to their small size? The state measures compliance with changes in groups of students with 10 or more being affected. This is called an n#, and those below it are exempt from being included in calculations. With charters, they can easily fall below that number due to their populations, so they may not be included in calculations that would trigger these types of audits.

Maybe it’s time for all the charters to be counted as their own Delaware school district to prevent this type of thing from happening. The charters are well-known to have special education problems in this state. Just look at Delaware online-checkbook to see the funds charters are sending out due to special education issues. Look at Pencader and Moyer as public examples of special education problems. Another matter for the IEP task force to look at…

More On Delaware’s Lawsuit Against Common Core

Common Core

Someone make this happen!!!!


Common Core violates Federal Law. Louisiana’s governor is suing to stop Common Core on the pretense it violates the mandate setting up the Department of Education, which was expressly set in stone upon it’s inception, that the Federal Government cannot dictate or divert control of curriculum away from local school districts…

Common Core does that. At question: is whether or not the legal maneuvers taken to obfuscate this task of Common Core, are sufficient to allow it to continue to dictate curriculum by its actions, even if shadowy institutions are created to make it reflect differently.

Are the legal maneuvers valid enough to allow flaunting of law to go forward.

That is the bottom line of the debate, and why, only the court system, can rule on it’s legality…

It is as if a cow surprised you by walking through your front door. “Moo! Hi, Sweetie…” It looks like a…

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