What Makes A Good Teacher?


I’ve always thought of teachers the way I do firemen. They help out people who have the greatest need. Common core is the most toxic reform movement ever created. Support your child’s education and speak out against Common Core!



One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.  ~ Carl Jung

Using students’ standardized test score to measure the quality of teachers is like counting patients’ cavities to evaluate the skills of a dentist or using patients’ blood pressure and cholesterol scores at the end of the year to determine the effectiveness of their doctors.

While David Coleman expects compliant Common Core teachers to teach to the test, most parents including myself want experienced and passionate teachers who respect and honor each child as individual learners and appreciate their special strengths and weaknesses.

A more meaningful measure of teacher effectiveness and quality would be how he or she raises the aspirations and dreams of students rather than how much…

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Jeb Bush’s Common Core Website Goes Silent

Common Core

Common Core has become very toxic. And now it’s becoming toxic for politicians! President Obama has nothing to lose by having his boy Duncan praising at as the best thing since sliced bread. Unless it makes such an impact by election time that the balance of power begins to rapidly shift…

Scathing Purple Musings

For two months, nothing.

No more TV spots. No more teacher Tweets. No more press releases.

What happened?

Scathing Purple Musingswrote in March about the Common Core initiative from Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Florida’s future. Learn More. Go Furtherwas designed to end all debate and educate the public on Common Core’s benefits and superiority.

So why did they pull the plug?

There are two possible reasons. Neither of them good for Bush or Common Core, the latter of which is being sounded defeated at every juncture. Bush has few political allies on Common Core left and its main private sector supporter, the Chamber of Commerce, has slowly been losing the benevolent status they once enjoyed from traditional conservative voters for its advocacy on Common Core and immigration reform.

Respected conservative columnist George Will said earlier this year on FOX News that a supporter of Common Core couldn’t win…

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Breaking News: EDPAST Creation! Special needs parents, join now on Facebook! Reblog! Retweet! Spreak this link! #netde #eduDE #usa

Special Needs Parents

I have just created a group on Facebook called EDPAST.  This stands for Exceptional Disabled Parents Against Standardized Testing.  Our ideas are very simple.  We are against any type of high-risk testing that causes our special needs children more undue stress and struggles.  We believe every parent of a special needs child can and will opt-out our children from these types of tests.  We are against Common Core as it teaches children at the same pace and violates IDEA and the spirit of an IEP.  There is no individual in Common Core.  Please join now to become the biggest special needs parents group in the country so we can make a true impact for our children.  The larger we become, the more potential there will be for true change.  Just go on Facebook and request to join.  We need all of you to be a part of something the government can’t just ignore.