How Well Do You Know Delaware’s Average Student?

Delaware Student Statistics

Some of these statistics are just mind-boggling. But this will be great data mining for the DOE.


Let us take a test. Since I write the rules, you can forgive me if I give you a cheat sheet at the end of every question… It’s not like I’m going to fire you if you get a too-low score…..

Which accurately describes the number of children in Delaware in 2012…..

A 385,402
B 205,050
C 147,984
D 07,357

What percentage of children are white in Delaware
A 77.3
B 62.8
C 52.0
D 49.1

How many children were enrolled in Delaware’s Public school system 2014?

A 195,365
B 153,761
C 133,369
D 119,695

What is the percent of children classified as poor in Delaware?

A 9.4%
B 11.9%
C 17.4%
D 21.6%

How many children (number) are considered poor in Delaware
A 44,358
B 34,875
C 22,489
D 11,358

What is Delaware’s state ranking in child poverty

A 8th
B 15th
C 26th
D 41th

What percent of…

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