Does anyone else struggle with movement in the classroom?

Student Performance

I agree. Keeping children at a desk for hours on end is asking for trouble.

Back In The Game


Last night, my son and I went to XBos.  It’s like Chuck-E-Cheese but bigger and cooler.  I sat at a table with my laptop, looking up information for an article, while my son and his friend were running around on the monstrously huge jungle gym.  My son has a knack for getting a crowd going at these kinds of places.  Within minutes a whole group of kids were chasing each other.  I sat back and smiled, content my son was having fun.

Last fall, when my son was having a very rough time with his previous charter school “in the county of Kent”, there were rare moments of happiness for him.  Once a week though, he would get very excited for a TV show called Back In The Game.  This show was about a woman with a ten year old son who got divorced and moved back in with her dad.