Upgrades On Exceptional Delaware

Special Needs Parents

Hello everyone, I’ve started making some changes to the look of Exceptional Delaware. I want this to be a relaxing place where parents or interested parties can come, and sit back and read. My stories or articles may not always be relaxing, but I want people to be comfortable here.

I’ve added some pictures and I started adding links for parents to find more information about certain topics. This is a work in progress, and it will take several weeks to get them all up there. If you have any links or websites you know of that can help special needs parents, don’t hesitate to let me know. For those who know me, you know how to let me know. If you don’t, please comment or shoot me an email at Exceptionaldelaware14@yahoo.com

Thanks to all of my readers. This blog would not be the success it has been if it weren’t for you. Every time I get a message or a comment from someone indicating this website has helped them in some way, it drives me to do more for them.

One thought on “Upgrades On Exceptional Delaware

  1. I’ve always felt that God picks his greatest works and gives them special needs children, knowing full well that through their advocacy, care, and love, the envelope will be stretched enabling others who are weak, tired, and poor to be able to slip in and have their causes addressed too……. Meaning that if someone forces you to address an issue due to their advocacy, it is an easy next step to widen the breadth of the process to include the others as well. But the latter effort would be deemed totally impossible to attempt, were there never those advocates who initially force one to start the process. Across many states, there is a high preponderance of those who are considered the doers of good for society, who themselves are parents of special needs children. It is those parents, whose work keeps all of society human….

    That of course is my humble opinion. But it has become my explanation as to why all parents of special needs children seem to be, again in my opinion, bordering superhuman……


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