Delaware Charter Schools Network: Change The Name Of Your IDEA Awards #netde #edude

Delaware Charter Schools

Because you really aren’t fooling anyone into thinking this is part of the Federal IDEA, which stands for Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. If you want to give awards to the students with special needs who survived the horrors of Delaware charter schools, I would gladly come to that. But let’s not pretend your awards are a bright idea, okay? It’s an insult to parents who had to go through your charter schools and have special needs be a visit through Dante’s nine circles of hell. This is for you Kendall Massett and Chuck Taylor.

As I viewed your website, I can see that you are quite smitten with terms usually used for special needs children. Words like IDEA, and then I see a whole section of your website with the word “Advocate”. I am VERY familiar with that word! I will take your suggestion and do some advocating! Items in bold are from their “advocate” section of the DCSN website.

1) Talk to your friends and neighbors about charter schools: I have done this in abundance. I have told them lots of things about the charts in DE. Like how many spec ed problems you folks seem to have, for starters.

2) There are some that still do not understand that charter schools are FREE public schools: Then why don’t you behave like free public schools? Hmmm….

3) There are some that still do not know all of the choices available in education: And let’s take a moment of thanks for these uninformed parents who would have no clue what their world was about to become.

4) There are some that still believe all the myths that are put forth about charter schools: It is no myth that many charters can discriminate against minorities and special needs children. I believe the letter from the Office Of Civil Rights should eliminate any myths about how great charter schools are.

5) You know what charter schools can provide: I sure as hell do! And so does my son! You can count on school psychologists not doing their job and special ed people who will agree with whatever the school shrink does!

6) We need you to speak the truth about what we are too: Oh, trust me, I have! You can read all about it here:

You can definitely shout out that story to the world. I won’t mind at all. In fact, I think you should give that story to anyone who wants to think about charter schools. Thanks for the fun DCSN. Let’s do it again!

Updated, 7/7/14, 9:07pm: The only charter school that is exempt from this post is Positive Outcomes Charter School. With a school that has 63% of their school population having IEPs, I will gladly count them as a school that knows what they are doing with special education.

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