@GovernorMarkell just doesn’t get it. #SPECED

Governor Markell

I couldn’t agree more. First they pass a bill to get the most severely impaired exempt from the Smarter Balanced Assessment, and now they are going to pressure more special ed students to not be exempt? Something is very wrong with this picture. Enough is enough.

One thought on “@GovernorMarkell just doesn’t get it. #SPECED

  1. JLF- I believe you may have misunderstood SB229, which you mentioned above. That bill does not exempt students who would have taken the Smarter Assessment from being tested, instead it requires the DOE to develop an alternate assessment to the DCAS-Alt in the form of a portfolio assessment. Those most severely impaired would not be taking the Smarter they would be taking the Alternate assessment, which is DCAS-alt and this bill requires the creation of an alternate to the alternate; it does not exempt students from being assesse


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