Tim Howard and the USA Soccer Team: Did Tourette’s Help The Team? #netde #edude

Tourette's Syndrome

Great article from The Daily Beast about how Tourette’s actually helps athletes like Tim Howard.  I see this sometimes with my own son.  He is there one second, and gone the next!  I know certain people who have had to try and catch him at times and I’m sure they were amazed at his quickness.  This is, of course, a shout-out to the folks at that charter school in the County of Kent.

There are so many aspects of TS that haven’t even been discovered yet.  I look forward to more articles like this.  Tim Howard is one of the biggest names in the world right now, and I applaud his ability to openly talk about this TS and use it to his advantage.  I think this is a goal any parent has for a child with a disability.


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