SPED Parents Beware!: 10 SPED Mistakes to Watch Out For


I really like this site, especially this article. I would recommend the IEP Taskforce in Delaware checks this out whenever they begin their meetings to evaluate Special Education in Delaware.


Deciding to place your child in special education is never an easy decision to make.  As parents we worry if we are making the right decision and if the school will do their best to service our child’s needs.  I like to think that all schools, every where, are doing their best to meet the need of all the children they serve.  However, I know this is not true, so, based on my experience as a parent and teacher, I have come up with a list of ten things to watch out for.  Any of these things could* signal to you that your child’s school is not complying with special education regulations.

10.  Not Informing You of Your Rights:  The school should give you a copy of your rights (called the Parental Safeguards) every year.

9.  Completing Paperwork Late:  A new IEP is written every 12…

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Delaware Bloggers Need To Stop Being A Meanie To Greg Lavelle

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It’s just not nice. People can change their mind you know. I have nothing more to write about this.



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