Learning About the Diabiliaties in Education Act

Kavips has a dramatic flair for this type of thing, but I find his predictions tend to be very accurate. I think all of Delaware will be put to the test next year when Smarter Balanced Assessments come out. And the special needs children will suffer the most. It will be Delaware’s moment as they will once again fail a federal special education review and everyone in the state government will wonder why.


Due to the report lambasting Delaware for coddling special ed children, I have dug into the topic of education disabled children…..As usual… it comes down not to science, but wishful thinking….

Here is how the department of Education described forcing children to achieve a high bar that is impossible for them…..

“Under the Department’s proposed regulation, students with disabilities who have been taking the AA-MAAS (Alternative Assessments-Alligned to Modifed Academic Achievement Standards) will transition to college and career ready standards and general assessments that are aligned to those standards and accessible to all students. Research has shown that struggling students with disabilities make academic progress when provided with appropriate supports and instruction. .”   That seems to meet the common sense test doesn’t it?   Pushing people harder gets more productivity.

The key is in “red”….

Scientific research shows that raising the bar and firing the coaches when they don’t meet…

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