Eagles Wings Ministries started their Bible School this week….Parents Beware!

Disability Discrimination

Especially if Stacie Bohannon is involved.  When I went to drop in that night to see my son I thought something seemed a bit off.  The way she was wanting the children to take notes on her bible scripture seemed like it was more for her than them.  To find out what Stacie Bohannon did to my son, you can either read it here: https://exceptionaldelaware.wordpress.com/2014/06/21/disability-discrimination-local-church-youth-leader-assaults-my-son/#comments and if you are an ex member of the church, please let me know of any other times an adult there has grabbed, kicked and pushed a child with disabilities.

I haven’t heard a peep about it since then.  I have checked their Facebook page, and saw their vacation bible school started this week.  I think I would rather chew glass than have my child attend that event!  Their website shows the Sunday school teachers.  Thank God Stacie Bohannon isn’t one of them.  But then again, who knows what some of the other adults are like at this church.  In any event, it really makes me wonder about this church.  They are a part of the Delmarva Church of God.  My wife left DCOG a message last Friday and hasn’t heard from them either.  The way the pastor wouldn’t tell me the youth group leader’s name sounded like there was something to hide.  Same thing with my son’s ex-friend’s mother.  Is there more to Stacie Bohannon than meets the eye?  Her very public Facebook page has some wonderful pictures and comments regarding something it took her 13 years to get.  I know it seems like I’m giving her a hard time.  I am.  She physically assaulted my son.  Legally, I guess you could say she offensively touched by son, if she was found guilty of that.  But the state police refused to do anything because, as Stacie Bohannon yelled at my wife, “He’s lying!”.  I do know one thing.  I would never go there for pizza.  My son said they got two pizzas for the youth group that night.  The youth group leader got three slices of pepperoni pizza.  And another adult there got some too.  Want to know what they did for all the children?  They cut each piece of pizza into four more slices and told each child they could only get one piece.  Maybe they were thinking more kids would come, cause there weren’t that many kids, and that’s a lot of leftover pizza.  Maybe they had a chowdown after my son’s beatdown.  As long as the adults had more pizza later, that’s okay.

As per their Facebook page, this is their motto: “Our banners are FAITH, HOPE, & LOVE. We exist to serve God and others through a heart of compassion, service, and humility.”  So let’s go through these, cause I can relate.

A heart of compassion: yes, I have seen their light.  When a child pushes the leader’s son off of him after he jumped on him, let’s be compassionate about how pissed off we are and grab, kick and push the kid down!

Service: Why yes, I see this as well!  Let’s serve our community by alienating any new members and parents.  We felt so welcome to your church.  We would want to come to a Sunday service just right about the time hell freezes over folks!

Humility: I see this most of all, cause my son sure felt humiliated after a few hours at your church.  And after he told us, he got very upset about this happening to him, and he questioned why he had to go through stuff like this with his disabilities.  You remember those, cause my wife told you about them a couple weeks prior.

I know one youth group leader’s mottos seems to be pepperoni pizza, kicking kids who are less than 1/3rd her age, and hiding behind a youth group and pastor to protect her when the mother gets pissed off at her.  My wife asked to speak to her away from the children, but she used them as a shield for her overdramatic performance and denial of the events.  When my wife and son pulled up right before that, they both heard some kids saying “Uh-oh”, so I wonder how much prep time the kids got to support her story?Image

The blessed church above this sentence.  I hope hell didn’t freeze over…nope, just the winter.  Phew!

And from their facebook page, I can’t tell if those are supposed to be chains or chocolate donuts.  Keep them away from the pizza lover!  Or she might connect her foot with your child!


3 thoughts on “Eagles Wings Ministries started their Bible School this week….Parents Beware!

  1. I hope someday you realize you do not “need” god or religion. It’s all crap and it’s brainwashing instilled in you by your parents, and your parents parents, and parents parents parents… They get them into their little world and twist the fuck out of their minds. Read up on the bullshit “good news club” held in public schools across the USA. They actually hold meetings with leaders about how to train children to “legally” witness to other children. Since it’s illegal for teachers or adults to do so in school it is NOT illegal for children to. They get rewarded with cookies if caught witnessing to another student. They also tell (in closed rooms with no other adults) children that they will go to hell if they do not allow Jesus into their lives. I’m sorry but I hate anything religious with a hardcore passion. Vulnerable people in a religious situation will most certainly be taken advantage of in one way or another. Be very careful who you think Your son is going to be protected by. You are a great person and your wife sound amazing as well and it’s all because of who you are not because some god made you that way!


    1. Thanks Phaila. This hasn’t soured me off religion, just weird churches less than 10 miles from my home. I believe in God, and what God has to teach us. But I do think people misinterpret that and then it gets all messed up. I’m just glad he ate dinner before he went that night. Because 1/2 an inch of pizza (and that’s on the crust) could have been a big problem for him!


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