These Schools in Delaware get a big F grade for Special Education

Special Education School Grades

On the school profiles section of the Delaware Department of Education website, you can find what population of a public school in Delaware is special education. The state average is roughly 13.5%. These schools couldn’t even get above 7% of their population having special education. Something is wrong with this picture. Sure, no school can get dead on with an average, but that far below? Either students aren’t getting the services they are entitled, or there is some major cherry-picking going on! So without further ado, here are the schools that get the BIG F in special ed:

Appoquinimonk High School: 5.8%
Aspiras (Charter): 2.4%
Bunker Hill Elementary School: 5.8%
Calloway School of the Arts: 2.5%
Cedar Lane Elementary School: 6.4%
Charter School of Wilmington: 0.6%
Conrad Schools of Science: 2.9%
Delaware College Prep (Charter): 4.1%
Delaware Military Academy (Charter): 2.8%
Downes Elementary School: 6.0%
Dunbar Elementary School: 5.6%
East Millsboro Elementary School: 4.5%
Family Foundations (Charter): 5.9%
Forest Oak Elementary School: 5.8%
Heritage Elementary School: 6.2%
Kuumba Academy Charter School: 5.7%
Lewis Dual Language School: 5.4%
Linden Hill Elementary School: 3.7%
Loss (Olive B) Elementary School: 5.4%
MOT Charter: 5.9%
Newark Charter School: 5.7%
North Star Elementary School: 2.1%
Odyssey Charter: 4.0%
Providence Creek (Charter): 4.4%
Reach Academy (Charter): 5.3%
Shields (Richard A) Elementary School: 7%
Southern Delaware School Of Arts: 6.6%
Sussex Academy (Charter): 4.4%
Thomas Edison Charter: 6.8%
Welch (Major George) Elementary School: 3.0%
Wilbur (Kathleen H.) Middle School: 6.5%
Woodbridge Elementary School: 6.4%

Damn! Going through this I did not expect to find so many. 32 schools in the First State, last in special education. I did not include schools with just pre-K or kindergarten. These are all based on the 2013-2014 academic year. The GIGANTIC F goes to Charter School of Wilmington (CSW) who couldn’t even get into the 1% range with their miserable .6%. What is up with that? Special ed parents: You may run across some of these schools when you are looking at your choice options in Delaware. I would definitely use caution, but that may be what some of these schools want.

If any school wants to comment or send me a reason why their special ed numbers are so low, please do so and I will publish the response.  This information can be found here: